Charcuterie “shaa-koo-tuh-re”

What is it about charcuterie that gives it such enduring popularity? 

We think it’s a couple of things …

First of all, it’s a feast for the eyes.  A board or table laden with colourful cheeses, different shaped slices of cured meats, vibrant fruits, breads and crackers in varying hues, striking chutneys and dips. 

Secondly, when we decide to dig in, it’s a food version of a choose your own adventure game!  We each pick our favourites and maybe dare to try something that is unfamiliar. 

Some people will follow the 3 3 3 rule or the rule of 3 3 3 3 … we don’t believe in following the rules.  We believe when it comes to charcuterie, more is more!